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Palm Branch Media, Patwa Culcha International Announced Fruitful Partnership

Media production and consulting company Palm Branch Media (PBM) and culturally conscious Patwa Culcha International Limited (PCIL) have announced a partnership arrangement that is already seeing both companies creating a synergy that has been nothing short of productive.

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Success Conversations

FOR RELEASE May 31, 2016 Media Contact: Heneka Watkis-Porter,


Success Conversations_Montego BayWe are pleased to announce that Author and Serial Entrepreneur Heneka Watkis-Porter is continuing her engaging Book Signing across the island. She continues to do this in the form of “Success Conversations”, promoting her one-part memoir, part Continue reading Success Conversations

Jamaica’s Global Culture


I have travelled many places over the world. Everywhere I go, just the mere mention that I’m Jamaican creates a reaction. In most instances it is pleasant except of course the times I’m passing through Immigrations then I become the target of territorial targeting and the level of interrogation heightens in many cases.Suffice it to say, we are either
loved or revered the world over for one reason or another.


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