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Jamaica Music Conference -Advancing Jamaica Through Music

The United States based Hip Hop Recording Artiste and Actress, once quoted, “out of all the places in the world, Jamaica is my favourite place”. I could bet a million bucks in any currency that this sentiment is shared by several others all over the globe.

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Land of Wood, Water and Beauty

If a place of extreme beauty, delight, supreme happiness and bliss is the meaning of the word ‘paradise’ then without question, I’m a comfortable resident in such haven. Continue reading Land of Wood, Water and Beauty

Jamaica’s Global Culture


I have travelled many places over the world. Everywhere I go, just the mere mention that I’m Jamaican creates a reaction. In most instances it is pleasant except of course the times I’m passing through Immigrations then I become the target of territorial targeting and the level of interrogation heightens in many cases.Suffice it to say, we are either
loved or revered the world over for one reason or another.


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